Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Yes! Shipping is FREE within the USA. Shipping outside of the USA has a standard shipping fee.

We do everything to ensure you get your order as quickly as possible. However, COVID-19 has definitely pushed back shipping by just a couple of days. We advise you to make your purchase as early as possible especially when you are trying to catch a holiday. Meaning, you might want to give a gift, so purchase early so we are able to send out early as well.

Orders are sent out within 24 hours the orders are placed.

Because all our products are shipped from the USA, it takes less than 7 business days to ship within the USA.

It takes less than 10 business days to ship to Canada and the UK. It can take a shorter time, it all depends on your shipping option.

Your shipping time will depend on the shipping option you have selected at checkout.


Most of our products are made by kids for kids and youths. We also have journals and books for adults. Our best-selling Affirmation And Learning Playing Card is for the family. It a card game that is perfect for family games night. It’s perfect to give as a gift.

90% of our products are made by kids for kids. Products like The 

  • Affirmation And Learning Playing Cards
  • The Affirmation And Number Learning Cards 
  • Affirmation And Alphabet Learning Cards
  • Our kids’ and youths’ journals and books are all made and written by kids.


Our products are made by kids for kids. We only sell products that help kids to have fun whilst they affirm themselves, build their self-esteem, and train their minds to be positive.

We sell Affirmation And Learning Playing Cards; Affirmation And Learning Number Cards (Flashcards); Affirmation And Learning Letter Cards. (Flashcards); kids/youths/adult Journals; Books for youths and adults. We also sell digital books and journals you can print yourself.

It’s similar in that it’s a playing card. However, Affirmation And Learning Playing Cards builds your self-esteem and helps your mind to be positive. On the front and back of each card have affirmation statements that players and persons looking on can use as they enjoy their game of card.

Digital Products

Yes! We do sell digital journals that you can print and yes, this option is less even cheaper.

Yes! We do sell digital books otherwise known as ebooks and this option is cheaper than the physical books.