Privacy Policy

Here at InspirationSwag.com, we value your privacy as we know you care deeply about how we store and use your personal information. Your trust in us will never be taken for granted and we appreciate the trust you put in us. When you visit and access InspirationalSwag.com, you have agreed to accept and consent to the policies of InspirationalSwag.com. 

When you visit and use InspirationalSwag.com to make a purchase of our products and/or services, we collect personal information from you. Your order information is otherwise known as your name, billing address, email address payment information, and sometimes your phone number are collected to ship your products to you. Your email address and phone number are needed to make contact with you should we need to reach out regarding your product as well as to screen all orders to prevent the risk of fraudulent purchases.

We also collect information like your IP address to prevent fraud and to optimize and improve our website. This information also helps us to know more about you, our customers, and visitors to be able to serve you better in addition to creating more success with our advertising and marketing campaigns.

The only time we will share your personal information is to ensure we comply with regulations and laws which are applicable to any lawful demand and in the event we need to protect your rights or ours.

If you are a user who resides in Europe, we will use your personal information to fulfill any contracts we will have with you should you use InspirationalSwag.com to purchase products and/or services. You can at any time ask to access your personal information and to update, correct, or delete. To contact us, simply use the contact us or email us at Legal@InspirationalSwag.com

Once you’ve placed an order on InspirationalSwag.com, your order information will be stored for records purposes unless you have asked us to delete the information.

We have the right at any time to replace, edit, or update our privacy policy without prior notice. As a user of InspirationalSwag.com, it is your responsibility to visit this page to apprise yourself of any edits, replacements, or updates.

If you need more information or to ask questions or to make a complaint regarding our Privacy policy, use the contact page to send us a message or email us at Legal@InspirationaSwag.com.