Affirmation And Learning Playing Cards

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Affirmation and Learning Playing Cards allow you to have FUN whilst you LEARN, BUILD YOUR SELF-ESTEEM, and TRAIN YOUR MIND TO BE POSITIVE with the affirmation statements on each card! You can play ANY card game you can think of and smaller kids can learn the alphabet and numbers from these cards! For my animal lovers out there, instead of putting those boring old spades and diamonds, we put animals like cats & dogs! If you have younger children, check out our Affirmation and Alphabet Learning Cards or our Affirmation and Number Learning Cards.

8 reviews for Affirmation And Learning Playing Cards

  1. Ann

    I have never seen another playing card like these. The kids really enjoy playing with them. Even my husband and I enjoy using these cards by ourselves and at family games night. The affirmation statements really help with building self-esteem. I think more parents need to get these one of kind playings for their kids. Awesome cards.

  2. Amira

    Best playing cards we’ve ever got for our kids. Great for family games night.

  3. Falene

    These affirmation and learning playing cards are really awesome ?! They actually used animals and fruits on the cards instead of spades and diamonds! My kids play all kinds of card games with them and they love the affirmations! I’m definitely gifting my nieces and nephews these affirmation and learning playing cards!

  4. Breana

    These playing cards are so different from the ones we used to play! The affirmation on each card is awesome especially for kids! Not only the the players but persons watching the game being played also can use the affirmations that are in the back of each card! If these cards were really made by kids, they are geniuses!

  5. Xi

    My family love the Affirmation And Learning Playing cards! Apart from playing any card games, it provides so much value! More than worth the price!

  6. Mary-Ann

    Wow, these playing cards are so unique. My daughter and I have played and she does not want to stop. The affirmation statements on the cards help even me as an adult. More kids need to get hands on these cards, especially those kids with low self-esteem. I don’t usually write reviews but I had to review these affirmation and learning playing cards

  7. Eunice

    I nice game card all families should get for their kids. The kids love it.

  8. Molly

    These affirmation and learning playing cards are more than what I thought they were! The kids play their card games but truth be told I use the cards every day! I say the affirmation statement on the card many times per day! Love the playing cards!

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